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As many of you know, there is a law in the city of Denver that states specifically not pitbulls. Yet no one has really taken the time to investigate the reasons behind the law and whether they are really reasonable or not. I am here to do just that today. This law was made for a good reason, to protect the people from a dog that can very well kill any human being without a gun any time it decides to do it. But we must not let our emotions guide our legal system. If we did that, who knows what kind of mess we would be in today. There are many things in life that are dangerous and that we need to be protected from, but we must ask whether the government is overstepping its authority in the name of good will.

According to a recent article in Maxim magazine, an interesting statistic shows that you are more likely to die from a deadly plant than from an attack by a dog. But dog attacks touch us in a place that plants, car accidents and the like do not because a dog is often seen as a member of our family, a sweet lovable creature that would never do anything to hurt someone. Dog attacks do happen, and when they happen in a very awful way, the press likes to make a big issue out of it because it gets our attention.

With the intention of trying to stop damaging dog attacks, the legislature of Denver has decided to focus in on a specific breed of dogs that they feel are causing most of the problem. At a glance, it would seem logical to ban a breed that is inherently more dangerous than many other breeds. This action would leave people the ability to keep on owning dogs and would hopefully prevent more attacks that have hurt so many people.

The pitbull is a fighting dog that can do more damage to a body than any other breed of dog out there. These dogs are capable of biting harder, lasting longer, and killing quicker than any other dog and a statistic by Dr. Lachman, a veterinarian and owner of The Family Animal website shows that in 1 the breed of dog responsible for the most dog bite fatalities was indeed the pitbull with over double the amount of fatalities as the second ranked breed the Rottweiler.

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Why then would anyone think that banning a fighting dog that seems to be causing so much trouble is a bad idea? That is what this paper is about. When reading it, I hope that you will rely on the truth presented rather than your pre-conceived notions given to you by the press. According to the constitution, the state cannot legally deprive it’s citizens of what is of value without due process of law. If I can show that the state is doing this in its unfair law against pitbulls. If I can show you that the pitbull is not nearly as bad as the press makes it out to be. If I can show you that the pitbull is a symbol of America, and American hero, and a savior of many people. If I can show you that the law banning this breed is ineffective, that it won’t help the real problem. And lastly, if I can show you that most of the things you think you know about pitbulls are not true, then with virtue of honesty, you will have to agree with what I am saying. The 4 breeds known today as the slang word pitbull should be legal in the city of Denver. For background knowledge, the 4 breeds known today as a pitbull are the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, The American Pitbull Terrier, The American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Bull Terrier.

As mentioned before, According to Lachman, the pitbull lead in overall dog-bite fatalities. Pitbulls were involved in 5 % of all dog bite fatalities. These statistics clearly show that the pitbull is indeed doing most of the killing over all other breeds of dogs. This is one of the biggest reasons that the Denver legislature has banned this breed of dog.

Many other points have been made about why the pitbull should be banned in Denver. I should like very much to list all those points so that we can go ahead and get everything out on the table. An essay in the Economist demonstrates the points that I speak of very well. The first of these points is that the pitbull is a bread fighting dog. Back in the days when dog fighting was legal, people mixed different breeds of the time to make a dog with the specific traits desired. These traits that were bread into the pitbull that make it the ultimate fighting dog are as follows

1. Because of a high level of a substance known as L-tyrosine in the brain, the pitbull exhibit a high degree of “arousability.”

. Because of the higher level of L-tyrosine, the pitbull shows incredible levels of tenacity. This means that once a pitbull has started an attack, it is harder than you could imagine to get the dog to stop. There are many stories of people beating them over the heads with baseball bats and the like with no success in stopping the offense.

. The pitbull has been bread to have a very high threshold for pain. A pitbull is given high levels of endorphins during an attack which produce an effect similar to morphine. This allows the dogs to exhibit a trait called gameness, or a willingness to continue to fight no matter the circumstances.

4. The body-language of a pitbull is also one of its fighting traits. While many dogs will give notice of an impending attack, the pitbull will look normal and calm until the second it decides to attack. The reason it does this is to gain the element of surprise on its victim.

5. Lastly, the pitbull is said to have a high number of “alpha” dogs in the litters. This means that the dogs have a tendency to be the leader of a pack rather than the submissive one. This leads to aggressive ways and a desire to prove oneself more dominating than all others around. internet

Another issue that people have with pitbulls is exemplified in an article by Washington post columnist listing many owners of pitbulls to be drug-dealers, pimps, and thugs. Why should a community seek a dog that is favored by people who are destructive to society? There is more to the story than you have been shown here. It is merely my intention to present the case against pitbulls that are based in fact. Next, I will point out some falsehoods that you may have heard about pitbulls in order to let you see the whole truth more clearly before presenting my side of the debate.

Judy Mann points out this view very directly in her article on the recent attack by a pitbull in Germany. “Fighting or attack dogs are favorites of Turks, skinheads, young toughs, drug dealers, and pimps.” internet While this does hold true, it makes a case for banning a specific breed in an unfair way. Sure, a dog that has incredible fighting abilities is going to be favored by these types of people and banning a breed that these people all seem to have may sound like a good idea. What this quote fails to bring attention to is that you don’t have to be a gangster or drug-dealer to own a pitbull. In fact, many respected people throughout history have owned this breed of dog, and I personally know many today who do not fit the description given by Mann.

Among the respected people in the past who owned pitbulls are Helen Keller, President Theodore Roosevelt who owned one in the white house, Thomas Edison, President Jimmy Carter had one as a boy, and Michael J. Fox presently owns one. Also, the pitbull was the sign of America during World War One and Parade Magazine recently ran an article documenting a dog named “stubby who served in 17 battles in WWI and received a gold medal for heroic service. Stubby, according to the article carried messages under attack, helped out the wounded and stayed with them until help arrived, warned a sergeant of an impending gas attack saving many lives and helped capture a German infiltrator. Is this the dog that you seek to ban from the soil of his homeland?

On a personal note, I also am a pitbull owner. My dog Kira, an American Pitbull Terrier has the most lovable personality of any dog I have ever owned, beating out such popular breeds in my opinion that I have owned such as golden retrievers and Labs. I am not a drug-dealer or a gangster but a mostly “A” student in college. I sought out specifically an American Pit Bull Terrier after meeting several in my life and seeing what an incredible animal they really are. I can tell you personally that my dog is one of the most athletic, lovable dogs ever. Kira has an incredible drive to do well in what she does and unlike many dogs, has a personality more of a friend than of a servant often displayed by her ability to look me in the eyes for extended moments. Experts on dogs know that this shows extreme confidence.

It is, I believe, Important to detail some of the lies out there about pitbulls. I do not know exactly where these lies came from or why someone would start them, but that is not the purpose of the paper. At this point, it merely serves my purpose to point them out and refute them. Among these lies are the common misconception that a pitbull has a locking mechanism on it’s jaw, allowing it to clamp down on something and not let go no matter what. This belief makes pitbulls sound scarier and more dangerous than other breeds which serves the media’s image of a monster. This tactic used by the media is known as a straw man fallacy, or misrepresenting one’s enemy in order to win people over to your point. It is common knowledge to anyone who has studied pitbulls anatomy. There is no locking mechanism of any sort in the jaw of a pitbull.

The second most common misconception about pitbulls is that they have a dangerously high level of force in their jaw that has been measured in psi. Again, this is a straw man fallacy because it would be impossible to measure a psi rating on the bite of a pitbull. There are no such instruments that could accurately do this kind of measurement. The fact that some people come up with actual numbers is astounding. Next time you hear someone use a number of psi regarding pitbull bites, kindly ask them where they got their information.

Another popular belief about pitbulls is that they are inherently aggressive towards people. Watching the media coverage of pit bull attacks, it seems that any time you encounter one they will race over as quickly as possible and try to kill you. This could not be farther from the truth. Later in the paper we will take a look at some of the cases of pitbull attacks to show you what really happened that would make a dog attack. When one studies the history of dog fighting, they see the truth behind what makes a good fighting dog. One of the breeds traits that was specifically given to them was to be able to be restrained by a human during a fight. I think this is best shown to you by a quote from Author’s Bonnie Wilcox and Chris Walcowicz in the The Atlas of Dog Breeds of The World. “Even at the nadir of dog-fighting, the hostility was toward other dogs, not to people. This dog was specifically chosen for his acceptance of being grasped or restrained by his handler, even during the frenzy of a fight.” (10)

The Jekyll and Hyde syndrome is often said to be possessed by pitbulls. They can go from nice doggy who loves everybody to killer of everything with no warning all of the sudden. This myth represents yet another attempt at straw man attacks by the media, and again it is absolutely not true. What they are trying to talk about is a thing in dog shows called temperament, and this does not fit pitbulls temperament. According to Dog Atlas The temperament of The American Pit Bull Terrier, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the American Staffordshire Terrier is said to be affectionate and reliable with people (10). Vicki Hearne, author of the most infamous book on pitbulls and many time expert witness in court cases involving pitbulls writes very influentially

“The claim about the Jekyll-Hyde syndrome is, like all the popular ideas about pitbulls, baloney. There is no such thing as the dog discussed in the press and in the courtrooms, and I am not the kind of writer who would lie to you about a thing like that. There exist dangerous dogs. There exist dogs who are not wrapped tight. In particular, there exist fear biters. And there exist a few, a very very very, few dogs who will go for just about anyone. I knew one dog�one dog�who liked to bite people and who didn’t straighten out after the owner put a lot of effort into training him, using the Koehler method. That dog, Liberty, was definitely bad news. He was a Malamute (48).”

Switching now to the related topic of the “inherently dangerous breed.” By now you should be realizing that this is another straw man fallacy. This one, perhaps is the worst. This is the myth that convinced congress and the members of the community that pitbulls should be made illegal in Denver. It is this belief, not an emotional dog attack or two that is the justification for the law. I will enjoy showing the truth.

Those of you knowledgeable enough about animals, dogs in particularly, will no doubt recognize the name Ian Dunbar. In a new book on the market described by Dunbar as “essentially quintessential” book on the relationship of dog to man by Jean Donaldson, it is shown that the inherently aggressive breed myth is not true. Donaldson writes in his book called “The Culture Clash”, a book not on pitbulls but on all dogs, that ‘Biting is natural, normal dog behavior(57).” Also according to Donaldson, It is primarily the owners responsibility to raise a dog in a way that does not promote aggressive behavior. It is socialization that is required to make this happen(60). Dr. Lachman also states something of relevance to this point by pointing out that it is ultimately always a humans fault when there is a dog attack and that there really is no such thing as one breed of dog that is inherently aggressiveinternet. With this firm point in mind, I invite you to open your mind just a little bit to the rest of the paper. With a dedication to what is true, you will begin to see that the law in the city of Denver stating that pitbulls are illegal is a bad law and needs a solution to the real problem, dog attacks. This needs to be done in a way that will not restrict freedom or our right to own this impressive breed.

A myth that makes me laugh a little bit yet still a serious false charge on pitbulls is the one of the double jaw. The media likes to add into their stories about these dogs that can amazingly chew a victim to pieces while at the same time keep a firm hold with their front teeth. While this would indeed be a very good tool for predators to possess, nature has not yet endowed them with this feature.

At this point, I think it is important to cast a little doubt on the statistics that I have found which do seem to point out that pitbulls are doing most of the killing. While this is not really a crucial element to my case because in attacks it is the owners fault and not the dog, it is nevertheless interesting to note. Hearne, in her book bandit went through the trouble of analyzing the statistics out there on dog�bite�related-- fatalities. Her analysis points out several interesting things.

1. The total number of dog�attack�related--fatalities had not risen according to HSUS statistics that were everywhere offered as evidence of the ferocity of pit bulls. While if it were true that pitbulls were really doing so much more attacking, then logically there would have been an correlating rise in the total number. There was not. This means that all of the sudden, all the other breeds had stopped biting people. In logic terms, we call this use of statistics “questionable statistics”

. Dr. Randy Lockwood, compiler of the Humane society statistics told Hearne personally that the data he used was from a “clipping service.” Later on in the paper I will deal with some media coverage where the breed of dog was incorrectly called a pitbull.

. Hearne points out lastly, that for some reason or other, in all the studies of attack�related�fatalities, the breed listed for the attack is never listed as unknown. Since most dogs involved in the attack are usually dead and buried or taken somewhere else, there can be no certainty about breeds. This means that somebody could just be making up names to fill out there report more completely. (18).

Since most of the legislation for the law in Denver was fueled by the Humane Society, It is also interesting to try and figure out some other motives this organization could have. Why would the Humane society print information about pitbulls that is inaccurate? Why would they try to destroy a whole breed loved by so many people when there is so much evidence out there that the pitbull is a great dog? One must wonder whether they really are concerned about the safety on our streets or if there is some money at stake from the government. The point of the paper is not to prove that the Humane society is guilty of inhumane ethics, but the point is also interesting to note. For a look into what I mean by inhumane ethics, please read up on some of the articles you can find on the dog holocaust in Germany and England. Seeing pictures of thousands of Dead dogs, dead family members, is quite moving.

In order to effectively show you that the media makes false claims regarding pitbulls in order to get you to read their papers, I will show you several cases where the media has gotten it wrong and it has been documented. In an article by Hearne published in the Christian Science Monitor, the story is told of a man at a picnic who tormented a pitbull and was attacked. The pitbull bit the man on his leg causing minor injury. The man died because of a medical mistake. In the newspapers, it was not noted that the dog had been tormented. What was noted however was that the mans leg was torn off and that he died because of it.internet

The story of Bandit, written by Hearne, is a story about a dog who attacks someone and is sentenced to death by the state of Connecticut. Hearne stepped in to save the dogs life by proving that the dog did not qualify as “vicious.” What was interesting was that number one, the dog was claimed to be a pitbull by the media yet was not a pitbull at all. Second, the so-called viciousness of the dog was because a lady attacked a man the dog knew and liked and so the dog ran out to the mans rescue and bit the lady. This happened on the property of the man being attacked, not on the lady’s who attacked him. The media did not think that this made a very good story since technically, the dog was almost a hero. What did make a good story was that a pitbull attacked a lady. This is the kind of press that pitbull owners have to deal with and shouldn’t have to.

The recent attack of a boy on the playground at school in Germany is causing huge controversy in Europe. Many of you might have heard about this. Again, the story that the media wants us to hear is that boy is killed by pitbull. What really caused this is not important to the media, but it should be important to those who value truth. According to an update in the trial by an organization trying to stop the “dog holocaust,” the dog which committed the attack had been used as an illegal fighting dog. Also of importance is that according to the same source, an autopsy of the dog revealed that the dog who killed the boy had not eaten in over three days and drugs were found in his body. internet This kind of information does not make the news because who would want to be known as a supporter of pitbulls after one kills a child. I myself feel sympathy for the child and his family, but I do not blame the dog, I blame the owner. I feel that it is very important to prevent accidents like this happening again, but as I will show later, making pitbulls illegal will not solve the problem.

A joke by Hearne describes the whole situation well. It goes like this. What is worse than a pitbull with aids and rabies? The reporter who invented him.

It becomes important to state that I am not arguing for an animal rights cause in this paper. My intention is not to save the lives of dogs or any other animal for that matter. My intention is to maintain my freedom as a citizen of the United States. When I have something of value and the government wants to take it away in the name of protecting people, I get upset. I am here to demonstrate that the pitbull is a good dog, and that I have the right to own one. In the next part of this essay I will seek to educate you that this breed is an amazing breed and that there are many reasons to allow people like myself and many others to own one.

In the world of dog shows and competitions, there are several reasons one would want to own a pitbull other than to fight. These dogs excel at obedience. They are extremely intelligent dogs who are eager to listen to their master. Many pitbulls have won competitions in this field. Weight-pulling is another event that is very popular in dog circles. Because of pitbulls extreme strength and determination they also excel at this sport. According to the Wilcox and Walwcowicz, a pitbull weighing only 70 pounds set a world record by pulling an amazing ,000 pounds. Pitbulls also excel at the sport of shutzhund, or what the police train there dogs in. While shutzhund is an aggressive sport, Hearne points out that you can bring a pitbull to a shutzhund III title “without ever inspiring any aggression toward human beings(146).”

In spite of what you may have heard, all the breeds of the pitbull are some of the best dogs with people. A description of pitbulls people skills are given by Wilcox and Walcowicz “The ‘pitbull smile’ and humorous play ingratiate them to their masters and others(118).” Also noted “affectionate and reliable with people(10).” Most people presume that these dogs are also good guard dogs, but they are mistaken. Pitbulls do have a strong ability to tell the difference between friend and foe, and they will protect their friends if their friends are in danger. What makes these dogs different and therefore safer than many other breeds like Dobermans, Rottweilers, and German shepherds is that they don’t have guarding tendencies the way those breeds do. In fact Hearne points out that a pitbull is often stolen because almost anyone can approach it safely and that houses are robbed with pitbulls in them because the dogs are so people friendly. If you are looking for a good guard dog, then obviously this is not the dog for you, but my point is that these dogs are not dangerous like so many people believe.

Many people will say that although a dog may be good with adults, children can be seen as more vonerable because of their size and their tendency to do things to dogs like bite on their ears, step on their toes, or hit them accidentally. But interestingly enough, Wilcox and Walcowicz point out that the traits which serves the pitbull so well in the fighting pit lets them be good with children. This is because they hardly notice the irritating behavior of children and are not hurt by children’s clumsy moves.

I can also personally tell you that there is not a better cuddler in the dog world than a pitbull. They love nothing more than to snuggle up on your lap or next to you and stay there for a long time. They love to be around humans, to be touched by humans, to be a humans best friend.

It is also noted by Dr. Lachman that the pitbulls intelligence and love for humans also make it a very good seeing eye dog. It would be a shame to lose this asset because you live in Denver.

The pitbull is also an incredible breed to have because of its health. It is widely known by pitbull owners that these dogs just do not get hurt and they do not get sick. They also require very little grooming which makes them ideal for someone who has a small apartment, such as are found all throughout Denver. According to Wilcox and Walcowicz, the pitbull is known for it’s “robust” health(10).

I mentioned earlier that the pitbull is not a good guard dog, but it’s protective abilities do serve a very important purpose. If a woman wants to walk around the city at nighttime and would like to feel safe, a pitbull is a very good choice. The pitbull will not tolerate violence against it’s owner, making it a good choice over a gun or mase. Along with that, just the presence of a pitbull and it’s intimidating look, size, and reputation make it a crime stopper. Who is going to risk robbing a woman who has a pitbull by it’s side. To take away this asset from the people of Denver is not only wrong, it is contradictory to the purpose of our government.

In society today, it is considered the ultimate gift to die for someone or a cause. A person who voluntarily gives his life to someone they love is both an incredible person and an inspiration. Yet any pitbull will give it’s life to it’s owner if need be without question. This loyalty is one of the breeds symbols. Why would a government seek to destroy a breed that exhibits a trait we call heroic? I hope by this point you are beginning to see the beauty that lies in this breed.

There is an amazing story that I would like to tell now that demonstrates all of the above eloquently. It is the story of Weela, the American Pit Bull Terrier who saved 0 human lives, dog lives, 1 horses lives, and a cat’s life. The first act of heroism occurred when the dog was still a puppy. The owners son, then nine years old was out playing with Weela and a friend when a teenager came and squirted lighter fluid at the two boys. Weela immediately jumped up and knocked down the teenager and held him down until the two young boys got away.

The next act of heroism displayed by Weela was when it’s owners were out hiking. Out of nowhere Weela suddenly rushed and knocked one of the owners down for seemingly no reason. It wasn’t until Weela was bit several seconds later by a rattlesnake in the face that the owners realized what had just happened. Weela almost died that time.

The ultimate heroic act came in 1 when California’s Tijuana River Valley was flooded. The river swelled to over a mile wide from its usual size of three feet. This caused a great many numbers of people and animals to be stranded. Weela somehow managed to find safe paths so was allowed to lead the group of rescuers. Weela found and saved many animals and people. There were several more disasters within the next three months due to the flooding, in total, Weela is credited with saving 0 people, dogs, 1 horses, and a cat. Now while this kind of heroism is not the norm, it is not unusual for pit bulls to sense danger before people and then proceed to save them. Pitbulls look to their owners as leader of their pack, and their owners friends as members of the pack. This is why a pitbull is so adamant on protecting it’s owners. It is protecting it’s own.

The thing about pitbulls that people need to understand is that an attack on a human is a very rare thing. The breed was not bread to have aggressions for humans, so when one pitbull does, you must find the real reason that pitbull does. Many people will talk of natural temperament, but they do not know what the temperament guidelines for dog shows are. The fact is, when a pitbull, or any dog for that matter, attacks a human, it is a human’s fault. According to Dr. Lachman

“In all bite incidents, ultimately it is a human’s fault either bad breeding or breeding for ‘aggressiveness,’ no matter what euphemism is used; bad screening of the prospective dog owner; bad treatment or training or no training; insufficient socialization; not neutering or spaying; intentional training to bring out aggressive ‘guard dog’ tendencies; and/or lack of supervision of either the dog, or if a youngster is bitten, the child in questioninternet.”

In fact, in every case that I could find where there has been a pitbull attack, there has always been a reason to blame the owner of the dog, the parent of the child, or the dog did the right thing by protecting itself and it’s owners. The recent case in Germany, obviously a dog that hasn’t been fed in three days and has drugs in it’s system and has already been used as a fight dog is probably going to attack for food. Is this the dogs fault for wanting to eat or the humans fault in many areas? It is also important to realize that there are many other fighting breeds out there, this could atrocious act could have been committed by any other breed out there under the same circumstances.

In the “Bandit Case” written about by Hearnes, there was no human fault in the attack, but if you look at it closely, the reason Bandit bit the lady is why we have guard dogs in the first place. The owner and his friend were merely being protected from an attack by a woman. The dog really should have been looked at as a true friend and hero, not sentenced to death for being vicious.

Since % of dog bites are the result of a humans fault, should our laws be applied not to dogs, but to us? The answer must be an emphatic “yes.”

The category of law that I am arguing against in this paper is called BSL�breed specific legislation. While the law today usually only refers to pitbulls, it is important to realize that a law like this can apply to any breed deemed dangerous by the media or uninformed public. We must therefore, hold this law to be wrong in principle, because without doing so, the philosophic battle has already been lost. This leads only naturally to other problems.

The first result that would come out of BSL would be the total destruction of a breed. Today, we only find the law in certain big cities, Denver included. But by people accepting this law as a positive, it logically would have to spread to the entire country as it already has in Germany. This laws terror lies in the fact that we would literally have to wipe out an entire breed from existence. Many of these dogs would have to be taken from their human families with people crying and kids holding on to them. There is a more effective way to deal with the problem of dog bites than to kill thousands and thousands of our beloved family members.

What is sad as well is that after the entire breed is destroyed, the real criminals will still be in existence. They will be free to act in the ways that they have always acted, and the only result will be more dog bites again, only this time from a different breed. Since People are the real criminals here, let us take a look at what would happen if drug-dealers, pimps, gangsters, and bad owners lost their pitbulls.

A person who is knowledgeable in dog breeds knows that there are many other fighting breeds than just the pitbull. In fact, most breeds have been fought at one time or another. If we take away the pitbulls, will this solve the dog attack problem�no. The criminals will find another breed to illegally fight, and to use for protection. While none of these breeds today would have the strength or fighting characteristics of a pitbull, many other dogs breeds have more power and fighting ability than a human. Also, do you really think that people will not find a way to re-engineer a dog breed to be the ultimate fighter?

The fact is that if pitbulls are taken away, other dog breeds will fill their place. Dogs by nature are predatory animals with a pack instinct. This means that they will always have killing in their genes, and they will always be protective over those that they love. The only way to get rid of the inherent danger with dogs would be to kill them all, maybe keep a couple to look at in the zoo. Bad owners exist. There will be other breeds that will fill the place of pitbulls. Maybe when pitbulls are illegal everywhere, people will switch to Rottweilers, Dobermans, German shepherds, and Akitas. After those dogs have killed enough people, they will become illegal as well. Then the next logical move is chow-chows, malamutes, wolf-hybrids, and mastiffs. After they have been deemed dangerous, people will start to see the nature of BSL because the next target will be the dogs we call family dogs labs, retrievers, poodles, and terriers. Will it take that long and that much killing for people to see that there could have been an easier and a better way? I sure hope not.

There is a solution to the problem we have today. It is a solution that will not only work, it will save our loved ones of any breed. The first thing we must do is not let the public be ignorant. People must learn to take responsibility of keeping their children supervised around dogs. We must learn to recognize danger signs of dogs and report them. Things like minor bites and aggressive acts that any dog can do. We must learn how to raise a dog properly, how to socialize them and train them. We must learn that dogs are really just animals. That they must be dealt with carefully. We must learn how to prevent dog bites. There is loads of information out there dealing with this subject. Through education, people will be able to protect themselves and their dogs and allow us to remain a society that values an incredible animal such as the pitbull.

People must also learn to buy dogs of good genetics. This can be enforced in many different ways. One idea would be to have a license for dog breeders in order to show that they are out there for more than just a quick profit. Maybe we need to institute licenses for breeds that require a little more attention than other breeds like the pitbull or Rottweiler or Doberman. This could be effective by making sure people understand both how to properly raise these breeds, but also by teaching them how to protect other people from bites.

Next on the list is that we must prosecute the real criminal. We must seek out and destroy dog fighting circles. We must hold responsible the owner of a dog that bites. If people knew that they would get in trouble for their dogs actions, it is a safe bet that people would start to take the necessary precautions for protecting people. We must also prosecute people who treat their dogs badly, as we prosecute families who don’t feed their children. A poorly taken care of or abused dog is much more likely to bite.

Lastly, we must enforce existing laws against dogs that continually show unprovoked aggression. We must have objective guidelines for owning a dog to keep the public safe. Maybe we need to institute other laws that we don’t have, like forcing people to put up beware of dog signs, or to have a fence high enough to restrain dogs from escaping. The point of this paper is not to come up with the perfect solution, it is to call people to save a breed and look for other, better, more humane ways of achieving the end goal.

Let us not forget the truths of this paper when re-thinking Denver’s laws on pitbulls. These dogs can be dangerous. They have in the past attacked and killed people, and they are bread fighters. They are capable of inflicting more damage than any other dog breed out there due to strong jaws and perseverance of a mother protecting her child. All the same, anyone who is concerned about basic rights realizes that there are other ways to protect people than by stealing our loved animals.

The American Pitbull Terrier, The American Staffordshire Terrier, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and the Bull Terrier, commonly known as the pitbull, is one of our best friends. For those who appreciate a true companion, there is hardly a better choice. These dogs are loyal to the end, often willing to die for you. They are smart and obedient and excel at dog games. They are courageous, they earn our respect. Unlike how the popular media portrays these animal, they are wonderful with people and children alike. Their protective instincts and superior health make them a wonderful choice breed for anyone in Denver. By prosecuting the real criminals in dog attacks�humans, we can both help to serve our safety and maintain the right to own this beautiful dog.

In Hearnes book on Bandit, there is a quote from a well known book called the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. I think it does justice to the pitbull and therefore I will end with it.

“Aslan is a lion�the Lion, the great lion.”

“Ooh!” said Susan. “Is he�quite safe?”

“Safe?” said Mr. Beaver. “Don’t you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he ain’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the king, I tell you(174).”

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