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A mechanical pulling or lifting device, consisting of a wheel mounted on an axis with a rope passing over the circumference.


Force is applied to the rope to make it operate. The amount of force applied depends on the number of lifting devices and the weight of the load that is being lifting.

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The device is shaped like a circle, comes in different sizes from 1 inch to as big as 10 inches around, and has a quarter inch groove around the circumference of it for the rope or wire to slide smoothly. This device is sometimes called a block and tackle.

How it works?

The device works by having the device mounted and making sure it is in a stable position. Once the device is stable, using rope or wire put onto the quarter inch groove around the device to see if it fits. The device operates by physically pulling up and down with the rope or wire or by using a lifting machine. Make sure that the load of 100 to 1000 pounds is attached to the rope or wire and to be certain the load is securely attached to the rope/wire, slide the rope/wire physically or mechanically up and down very slowly.

These devices are also viewed as simple machines that are special cases of a lever. This mechanism has a mechanical advantage. Ideally the mechanical advantage equals the number of rope segments supporting the moveable load excluding the segment on which the input force is applied. At a certain friction the mechanical advantage obtained will limit the number of devices used to four. No more than four of these devices can be used in one operation otherwise the operation will fail.

Principal Parts

This mechanism has very few parts, which includes a wheel of 1 inch to 10 inches around, a rope or wire, a load of 100 to 1000 pounds, and a stable position to mount the device.


This device is used mechanically in heavy operations. These devices can be operated with up to four of them in one operation. The load can be from anywhere from 100 pounds to 1000 pounds. All of these devices need to be strong enough to where the operation will not fail. The amount of force applied to the rope or wire depends on the weight of the load and the number of devices used in that operation. Lifting the load is done either mechanically or physically.

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