Friday, June 17, 2011

Alcohol Abuse

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With the alcohol abuse and alcoholism lower in countries that dont have

a drinking age; it is a mystery to me why this country does not try the same

approach. The drinking age in the United States is unrealistic for todays society.

The magical age of 1 does just not seem appropriate and some people still are not

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ready to handle alcohol on their own and the people that have been drinking

Moderately were ready long before 1.

Turning 1. Is your body really that much different at 1 then it was at 18.

How much do you mature from age 18 to 1 and why is the drinking age what it

is. At 18 you can do just about anything, drive, go to a strip club, and marry women,

vote for presidency, pay taxes to your government, take out loans at a bank, and risk

your life in the army, but not drink. This makes alcohol a tantalizing forbidden fruit

that is abused because kids couldnt before and now at 1 they can.

If kids at young ages could drink moderately with their parents, alcoholism

and alcohol abuse wouldnt be as bad as it is today. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse

is where its at because prohibit ting it from responsible teens creates an

atmosphere where alcoholism and abuse becomes a problem, and it has. Though

the per capita of alcohol in France, Spain, and Portugal is higher than the United

States, the rate of alcoholism and abuse is lower. The alcoholism and abuse leads

to tragedy.

If we dont allow drinking at a young age supervised by adults, it can lead

to fatal accidents later. An intoxicated student maneuvered his way into a chimney

where he died and was found three days later by students. A student was nearly

electrocuted when he climbed to the top of a moving train at a station. He survived

but later three of his limbs were amputated. These students binged drank and paid

a costly price for never learning how to drink safely and moderately.

Responsibility does not come by an age, it comes from inside and some

people never learn it and some people are born with it. Is 1 really a responsible

age, or is it just a guideline put forth by our government. If kids are taught by their

parents how to drink safely, the alcohol related accident would be significantly


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