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Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies

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In 154, William Golding wrote the satirical novel The Lord of the Flies. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature, and his book has been printed over seven million times. The symbolisms portrayed in the novel are still being today. He uses the importance of civilization, the value of intellect, the potential for evil, and what the future may offer.

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The boys establish very early on in the novel that ground rules must be made. “I agree with Ralph. We’ve got to have rules and obey them.” (P. 4) When Ralph and Jack agreed on things, everything was fine. Once Jack broke the rules, the society (the boys) broke down, and they turned to savages. “Ralph launched himself like a cat; stabbed, snarling, with the spear, and the savage doubled up.” (P. 15) Even Ralph, the one who was supposed to be civilized had turned into a savage. He was forced to turn animal like as the Lord of the Flies attacked him. The intellect on the island had gone in the blink of an eye.

A well working society is run by intellect and intelligence. Intellect is sometimes over-looked because the person is not “cool”. Piggy was the smartest child on the island, but because he was overweight and had glasses, he was ignored and made fun of. If Piggy were as physically fit as Ralph or Jack, he definitely would have been chosen for leader. If Piggy had been chosen for leader, the final outcome of savagery would have been totally different. Piggy was described by the narrator as “…a bag of fat….” (P. 1)


The boys could not see past his looks, so Piggy’s intelligence in a way went to waste. If society judges people strictly by looks, there is a potential for pure evil.

The Government is probably the most important thing to a society. In the beginning of the novel, the boys arrived civilized, and their first thought was to make ground rules. When rules are made, and they are disobeyed, punishment is to be done. With nobody to reinforce the rules, mayhem and chaos is to come. Evil was what over-came the boys, and the need to kill was among them. “Kill the pig, cut her throat, spill her blood.” (P. 6) This line shows how killing a pig gives the boys somewhat of an adrenalin rush. If people start looking at people for their intelligence and intellect, the future will promise a sense of peace.

Without a civilized society and a responsible government, the future will offer peace. Without these two things, mayhem and chaos will be the result. In the novel, Golding uses language to show how quickly civil environments can the chaotic. The future of the society also depends on who is in charge of the major powers, and it depends on the attitude of people toward others. The people are the only things that will have effect on the society in the future. If killing and the hate towards others are accepted, then society as a whole will break down.


William Golding has used his literature skills to write this Nobel Prize winning novel. He uses a form of satire that stresses violence and hatred to get the point across. Through the characters in the book, he teaches the readers about the importance of civilization, the value of intellect, the potential for evil, and what the future may offer. Making rules is a good first step when building a civil society, but with nobody to reinforce the rules, society will not be able to function. If the killing in society and hatred towards others is accepted, the world will slowly breakdown. Golding has taught people this through his novel in the hope of making people realizes how dangerous we are as human beings.

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